<b>Modelling and Control of Wind PV Battery Fuelcell based Hybrid Power System</b> In this paper, a hybrid power system comprising wind and solar based renewable energy sources RERs is proposed. As these RERs are intermittent and random in nature, so a backup source is needed for smoothening the fluctuations in RERs output power. Fuel cell based energy storage system ESS along with battery energy storage BESS is proposed for this purpose. Both the energy sources are controlled so as to deliver energy at optimum efficiency. A separate controller is used to achieve maximum power tracking for both PV and wind resources for delivering maximum available power from these sources. PMSG based wind energy conversion system is used to extract energy from the wind. The energy from the solar, wind and fuel cell based power system is converted in to Ac form by using inverter. This power from point of common coupling supplies the load, while the excess power feeds the water electrolyzer used to generate hydrogen for supplying the fuel cells FC . A management system is designed to manage the power flow between the system components in order to satisfy the load requirements throughout the entire operation. The study defines the power generated by the wind and PV systems is not predictable so BESS is used to smooth the large power variations and the generated hydrogen used and stored in tanks and the power generated by the fuel cells to supply the small deficiency in the load demand. Simulation results is obtained from MATLAB Simulink software, proved the accuracy of the proposed system. Also, a complete description of the management system is presented. Fuel cell Solar cell Power management Modeling Wind Hybrid system BESS 8-13 Issue-4 Volume-2 Akhter Hussain Shah