<b>A Review on Cosmetic Preparation of Hair</b> Hair is an integrated system with a particular chemical and physical behaviour. It is a complex structure of several morphological components that act as unit and has several functions, from protecting of skins to sexual and social communications. In literature, there are various study about hair that take into consideration different aspects within many fields of science, including biology, dermatology, cosmetics ,forensic science and medicine. These review the formulations and mode of action of hair cosmetics, summarized the principal anatomical and physiological aspect of different types of human hair, hair growth cycle, hair porosity. This review could be the basic improvement and progression in the field of hair research. Hair, Hair cosmetic, shampoo, hair dyes, hair conditioner, Hair growth cycle, Hair porosity, Anatomy of hair 229-236 Issue-4 Volume-2 Abujam Nganthoi Devi | Zakariya Noorani | Gaurav Kumar Sharma