<b>A Review Graphene A Key Material in Engineering and Medical Field</b> Graphene is found to be a versatile material having its applications near about in every field. The Paper gives an insight about the different properties of graphene and its uses in various aspects of research. The fields of particularly engineering and medical are discussed in the paper. The review has found that graphene has a good electrical, desalination, Bio medical, mechanical, thermal, optical properties. Also the it is found that doping of graphene or its derivatives like Graphene oxide GO on semi conductor materials improved superconductive property, enhanced capacitance values, Power conversion efficiency PCE in case of schottky diodes. Results also describes that graphene has good performance for water desalination with 100 salt rejection for defect ratio of 0.5 i.e for small pore size along with many factors governing the salt rejection which is discussed in the paper. Removal of radioactive materials by graphene oxide has been studied and found to absorb up to certain limits. Graphene is also a better biomedical tool against bacterias, cancer cells and it could be used for drug delivery, bio sensing, bio imaging and in many more fields. Graphene, graphene oxide, desalination, biomedical, electrical 208-216 Issue-4 Volume-2 Vaibhav Kodag | Ajay Adsule | Kishor Kamble