<b>Research on Static Rate Monotonic Real Time Scheduling System</b> Rate monotonic scheduling RMS is a priority assignment algorithm used in real time operating systems RTOS Scheduling procedures are a backbone of any operating system. In previous paper I analyze and conclude that the rate monotonic scheduling is best for real time scheduling. Deterministic deadlines are exactly equal to periods As I know scheduling procedures are basically divided into two main streams first is the uniprocessor and another one is multiprocessor. This paper describes the rate monotonic SRM system. Here I previously studied and analyzed different SRM and SDM procedures to conclude that which algorithm or which policy is best for real time scheduling. Rate monotonic scheduling RMS , real time operating systems RTOS , Static Deadline monotonic SDM , Highest Locker s Priority Protocol HLP 203-207 Issue-4 Volume-2 Pallavi Ganeshpurkar