<b>Do guests prefer Tech Savvy Rooms A perspective from hotel guests</b> More than ever before, technology today is having a substantial impact on business spheres, and the hotel industry is o exception. It has turned out to be a critical element with regards to guest satisfaction. The purpose of this study was dual to understand the most common reasons for choosing a hotel to stay in and measure and document the guest satisfaction with the existing technologies offered in hotel guest rooms. A random sample of Indian travellers was taken into consideration for the study a questionnaire was developed for hotel guests, generating a sample of 158 valid responses. The results of the study revealed that Seamless unlimited Wi Fi was the most important technology for both leisure and business travellers. The majority of respondents would prefer to experience new technologies in order to improve their experience. guestroom technology, technological amenities, guest experience, in room technology 293-300 Issue-4 Volume-2 Dr. Seema Zagade | Ms. Meyola Fernandes