<b>A Case Study of Traumatic Wound Treated with Jatyadi Ghrita</b> Initial treatment of wound aims to prevent infection and early wound healing. Various treatment modalities are used for dressing of wounds keeping in mind good cosmetic outcome. Vagbhatta Acharya has also mentioned the effective treatment of Jatyadi ghrita in the management of wounds, painful ulcers, insect bite wounds, wounds caused by heat or fire and deep wounds by external application. In this context, Jatyadi ghrita application was carried out in the management of wound. The patient received in Shalya Tantra department of Patanjali Ayurved Hospital Haridwar Uttarakhand India and has been treated with Jatyadi ghrita. The patient recovered well with complete healing of the wound within span of 5 weeks. Wound, Jatyadi ghrita 5-7 Issue-4 Volume-2 Kumar Rajeev | Sharma P. K | Gupta A. K