<b>The Role of Personal Ability as A Policy of Internet Use Exploratory Study on Small and Medium Companies in Surabaya</b> SMEs can not avoid the development of IT even have to adopt IT. Therefore an exploratory study is required that examines the extent of IT experience in managerial and operational level employees at SMEs in Surabaya and surrounding areas, as well as the extent of their impact on the performance of individuals and SMEs as a whole. This study aims to 1 . Explore how much a user s computerized experience affects their personal ability to use the internet. b . Explore the forms of organizational support provided by management, in enhancing personal capabilities in internal use. 3 . Explore the role of computer usage experience and internet usage perception. 4 . Explore the experience of computer use and perception of the ease of internet using. 5 . Explore the role of organizational support to the perception of internet use. 6 . Explore organizational support for ease of use of the internet. 7 . Explore the role of personal capabilities that exist in employees at SMEs. 8 . Explore the role of IT usage of SMEs performance. As an exploratory preliminary research, this research will be conducted on some SMEs who are willing to participate in the research. Participating SMEs will be selected according to the criteria in which they are already using information technology and also use the internet medium in their business processes. Participants in the FGD will be owners, managers, and employees who are directly in contact with IT in the SMEs. The scope of this study area is Surabaya and its surroundings. The findings of this study indicate that 1 . human work is assisted by the development of the technology itself in order to achieve maximum performance and improve efficiency in production activities. 2 . A person who has previous computerized experience will be easier in carrying out the production process, because it already knows the ways in operation, making it easier in doing production activities that involve a considerable amount. 3 . The application in the form of utilization of computerized media as a means of design is also a means of ease of printing through digital printing, and last but not least 4 . Information technology provides many benefits to the company, such as being able to lighten business activities and produce reliable, relevant, timely, complete, comprehensible and tested information in the framework of planning, controlling and management decision making. Personal Ability of Internet Use, Policy of Internet Use, SMEs, SMEs Performance 127-136 Issue-4 Volume-2 Lena Ellitan