<b>Evolution of Smart Classroom Concept Integrated with Smart Devices</b> In olden days teaching was going in a traditional way. And then it gave way to E learning. Here computers, projectors and laptops were used for teaching. Then evolved M learning i.e., Mobile learning. This is a trending tremendous technology nowadays where students use smart phone for learning. This project involves research and survey to identify how usage of smart class rooms at education institutions can be made under the control of authorities and how 1000’s of lecture hours can be saved in a year using this techniques. As the students were misusing their phones new techniques called U learning and NU learning were developed where lot of sensors were involved to control the miss usage of smart phones. Smart classroom, Smartphone, Mobile learning, Collaborative learning, Near field communication 116-121 Issue-4 Volume-2 Amogha Revanasiddappa Badami | Arjun T | Dhanush N | Hitesh Kumar P | Mr Jayanth C