<b>An Augmented Implementation of Ad hoc On Demand Distance Vector AODV Routing for Internet of Things IoT </b> IoT has grown from the convergence of wireless technologies, micro electro mechanical systems, micro services and the Internet. The convergence has improved tear down the silo walls between operational technology and information technology, consenting amorphous machine generated data to be evaluated for insights that will enterprise developments. Designing of routing protocols for the Internet of things is an important part in the research of Internet of Things. The Internet of things is a new concept in IT field, but the research of routing protocols for Internet of Things is still blank. We have improved the AODV Ad hoc On Demand Distance Vector algorithm through optimizing the protocol, such as we combined together routing table and the Internet connecting table. In this project, we have designed a routing method that can take as routing destination not just like nodes. This type of improvement is more suitable for the use in the Internet of things, by connecting to the Internet. At the end of this paper, simulation results showed that AODV IOT achieves better results in packet delivery ratio, average end to end delay, throughput and consumed energy. IoT, Thing’s Information as Object, Utilities, Smart business, 3 layer architecture of IoT, AODV 276-283 Issue-4 Volume-2 Mohd Muntjir | Mohd Rahul