<b>Automatic Gemstone Setting Machine in Jewels</b> Because of increment utilizing of mechanical robot arms, an advancement to that theme started attempting to emulate human developments in a detail mode. For instance a gathering of understudies in Korea made an outline of development that mechanical arm assess moving hand, weight lifting, chine s calligraphy composing and shading arrangement. Another gathering of designers at USA create eight level of flexibility robotic arm. This robot can get a handle on numerous articles with a great deal of shapes from a pen to a ball and reproducing likewise the hand of person. In space, the space, carry remote controller framework, known as SSRMS or Canadair, and its successor is case of multi level of opportunity robot arm that have been utilized to play out an assortment of assignments, for example, review of the bus utilizing a uniquely conveyed blast with cameras and sensors joined toward the end effectors. In this venture we utilize a mechanical arm to pick and place the gemstone in the gems. The possibility of the venture is to build up a moderate machine to make the gemstone setting process in gems simple. The target can be accomplished by actualizing the Independent Robot setup 3 arrange Pivot to PICK and PLACE the gemstone into the decorations in a predefined position. A sensor is utilized to recognize the area of the gap where the stone is to be put in the trimming. And after that stone is come to that pre characterized position utilizing an automated arm which is accomplished by a small scale controller. The fundamental intention of the framework is to keep away from the breakage of stone and also the adornments. The framework will lessen the human effort and give a high accurate finishing to the adornments at less cost andtime. Robotic arm, Pick and Place 946-950 Issue-4 Volume-2 Devendran. P | Ranjith R | Santhosh Balaji V | Ajithkumar P | Arun Prasath S