<b>Design and Development of Vortex Blade less Wind Turbine</b> Vortex Bladeless is a Spanish SME whose objective is to develop a new concept of wind turbine without blades called Vortex or vorticity wind turbine. This design represents a new paradigm in wind energy and aims to eliminate or reduce many of the existing problems in conventional generators. Due to the significant difference in the project concept, its scope is different from conventional wind turbines. It is particularly suitable for offshore configuration and it could be exploited in wind farms and in environments usually closed to existing ones due to the presence of high intensity winds. The main objective of this SHAPE project is to develop the needed tools to simulate Fluid Structure Interaction FSI problems and to reproduce the experimental results for scaled models of the Vortex Bladeless device. In order to do so the Alya code, developed at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, is adapted to perform the Fluid Structure Interaction FSI problem simulation. Fluid Structure Interaction FSI , Vortex Bladeless, vortex induced vibrations VIV , Vortex Bladeless 2460-2462 Issue-3 Volume-2 Vishal Digambar Bodkhe