<b>Growth and Employment Diversification Towards Non Farm Sector in North East A Brief Overview</b> Structural transformation is defined as the transition of economy from low productivity to high productivity and from low intensive to skill intensive activities. Economic development is often equated with structural transformation of the economy where the relative share of agriculture sector both in national income and labour force declines while that of industrial and services sectors increases. As economy transform from primary to secondary and tertiary sectors, workers also move from one sector to another. Diversification not only changes occupational structure of men workers but employment status of women workers also. As educational attainment increases among women, this lead to transformation of female employment in an economy from primary to other sectors. North East region of India has been considered as backward region in terms of growth in percapita income. North Eastern economy is basically a rural and agrarian economy. But now a day’s more and more people leave agricultural sector and join the non farm sector in the rural economy as a source of livelihood and employment. In this paper an attempt has been made to analyse the role of structural diversification on the status of women employment in North East and examine the factors that effects these diversification. This paper examined the growth of Non Farm sector in North East vis a vis India. This paper is based on secondary sources of data collected from various literatures, journals, books, bulletins etc and basically emphasising on Non Farm sector. Employment status, Non farm sector, North East, Structural diversification 2555-2561 Issue-3 Volume-2 Debakshi Bora