<b>A Review on Aspects of Dental Drug Delivery</b> Buccal mucosa can be used for local drug delivery as in for periodontitis, dental caries or for oral mucosal drug delivery as for analgesia or transmucosal systemic effect or delivery of biotechnological products like proteins and peptides. This review article is an overview of buccal drug delivery systems encompassing a review of oral mucosa, formulation considerations, theories and mechanism of mucoadhesion, different mucoadhesive formulations for buccal drug delivery and active ingredients delivered via the buccal route. The drugs which have local action or those which have maximum absorption in gastrointestinal tract GIT require increased duration of stay in GIT. Thus, mucoadhesive dosage forms are advantageous in increasing the drug plasma concentrations and also therapeutic activity. dental, drug delivery, mucoadhesion 1537-1543 Issue-4 Volume-2 Sashi Bhusan | Pranshu Tangri | Ganesh Kumar | Preeti Kothiyal