<b>Studies on Earthworm Population and Diversity with Special Reference to Physicochemical Parameters in Two Different Habitats</b> Biodiversity is vital to several important ecosystem services that ensure sustainability of food production. In organic agriculture, land management practices that promote biodiversity and soil quality are emphasized and the goal is to maintain a sustainable agriculture system. Earthworms are major components of the soil fauna in a wide variety of soils and climates are involved directly or indirectly in biodegradation, stabilization through humus formation, and various soil processes. Earthworm are important components of agro ecosystem soils, since they contribute to soil physical chemical properties and processes, and can substantially modify the biodiversity and function of soil communities. Biodiversity, Communities, Biodegradation, Fragmentation 2341-2347 Issue-3 Volume-2 R. Devi | Serfoji. P.