<b>The Significance of applying Recent Trends and New Technologies in reconstructing the Ancient History of Tamilnadu</b> This article picture’s about various technological sources that helps us in tracing the ancient history of Tamil country which were already in existence in the archaeological research field all over the world. These advanced technologies shows how the prolongation of the ancient society had shaped and attained its present status and also helps us to know about the ancient tamil society how well it is civilized and highly cultured when compared with the other ancient societies of the rest of the world. In this paper the technological aspects such as X Ray Fluorescence XRF Analysis, Airborne Laser scanning Lidar , Laser Cleaning Graffiti cleaning , Terrestrial laser scanning, Resistivity Meters, Magnetometers, Ground Penetrating Radar, X ray topography, Laser treatment cleaning pollution , NDE methods, Drone, X Radiography, has been considered for presentation and dealt in elaborative manner how these technologies can shape the future archaeological research in the state. X Ray Fluorescence XRF Analysis, Lidar, NDE methods, Drone, 2324-2332 Issue-3 Volume-2 Dr. E. Iniyan