<b>An Experimental Study on Modification of Dense Graded Bituminous Mix Design</b> Various problems on the roads have been frequently observed on flexible pavements like potholes, rutting, shoving etc. In hot and developing countries like India, roads are affected by severed problems mentioned above, due to the water presence in the pavement, heavy traffic load, excessive no. of vehicles. Literature review lightens up on solution of these problems by modification of bitumen. To lighten this process, several measures may be effective, such as, use of better quality materials like waste plastic, motor oil, crumb rubber. This study proposes the utilization of waste materials i.e. waste plastic, crumb rubber and motor oil and check their suitability to mitigate theses defects of cracking, rutting, pothole etc. Marshal stability method is chosen to determine the stability and flow value for bitumen mix design. Individual effects of polythene, crumb rubber and motor oil is analysed first by varying the percentage of same with optimum bitumen content. And comprehensive effect of these three material has been also observed and discussed by plotting the graphs and it is found that Bitumen 5.5 , Crumb Rubber 8 , Waste Plastic 6 and Motor Oil 2 gives highest stability and other properties values within the range given in MORTH. It is expected that this study would be useful to researchers and consultancies to construct the roads economically and long lasting servicing. DBM, Plastic, Motor Oil, Crumb Rubber, Mix Design Issue-4 Volume-1 Vineet Jain | Utkarsh Nigam | Lokesh Gupta