<b>Economic Analysis of Moringa in Tamil Nadu</b> Tamil Nadu is the pioneering state in so much as it has varied genotypes from diversified geographical areas, as well as introductions from Sir Lanka. Farmers found that growing moringa crops during summer season was remunerative. Thus, moringa gained a foothold as a summer vegetable. Its unique flavour and aroma became very popular. For South Indian any meal without moringa and pulses is considered incomplete. The demand for the moringa pod also increased due to increased urban settlements and migration of people to urban colonies. Based on the significance of moringa in the human diet this study might more viable with the specific objectives of to assessing the marketing strategies for promotion Periyakulam annual moringa in Tamil Nadu.This study revealed that the price fluctuation in moringa is to the extent of ten times. The moringa production is scattered. The commercial pure crop cultivation is practiced only in selected areas in Tamil Nadu. Being perishable in nature, the produce has to be sold within a short period. Thus in the market, farmers are price takers and are in risk at disadvantages. Group monopsony behaviour of few well established trades indicated that the price made for moringa trade is unfavourable to farming community. Hence, supply chain management has to be effectively arranged for getting due share in the consumer price. marketing strategies, price fluctuation, marketing cost, market channel, market structure, b c ratio Issue-4 Volume-1 Dr Rajendran T