<b>Document Management System</b> Document management has been an important component of organizations and institutes where mass work forces are there. Storage, maintenance, updating and retrieval of documents becomes difficult as the amount of data gets larger with time. The data when stored in a digital format lacks authenticity and thereby compromising security at a large scale. Thus, as a technological solution for this problem, this project comes with efficient management methods. An ideal software should fill the gap between security and efficiency. The data should be available in desired time units and to all the intended users. This project is an attempt of solving all the problems in a software meant for an institute educational institute . The features include digital storage, retrieval using dynamic QR codes and digital attestation make the system usable and convenient to use. The project includes all the should be aspects of an ideal system for managing documents and simultaneously following the security constraints. Documents, User, Security, OTP 2026-2028 Issue-3 Volume-2 Pawan Chawan | Adarsh Jadhav | Ketan More | Prof. Anuja Gote