<b>Comparative Analysis of Asset Liability and Risk Management of Selected Urban Cooperative Banks in Nagpur Region using CAMEL Model</b> Banking is said to be the lifeline of any economy. Banks have to deal with many risks in day to day work. Main risks involved in banking are liquidity risk, management risk, credit risk etc. to deal with risk financial regulatory has issued some techniques and model for managing the risks. One of the models to deal with risk is CAMEL in Indian banking industry. The present study deals with the analysis of financial performance of selected Urban Co operative Banks UCB in Nagpur region through CAMEL model. The analysis shows the study of UCBs for eight years. Each UCB is analyzed based on the values given in the Balance sheet for the CAMEL model. Our study shows the individual performances in comparison to the other selected UCBs of Nagpur region CAMEL model, Risk Management, Asset and Liability, Banks 2029-2036 Issue-3 Volume-2 Mrs. Snehal P. Joshi | Dr. Reeta V. Sontakay