<b>The Brokpa’s of Ladakh Preserving the immaculateness of Aryan Race</b> For them ethnicity characterizes status. They claims to be unadulterated Aryan stocks and myths have that they follow their hereditary ancestry to the individuals from the Alexander’s armed forces which remained stayed in this mountainously rugged place. Settled in villages of Ladakh, the 1800 in numbers, Brokpa group has effectively possessed the capacity to keep its quality pool in place, following strong social norms and guidelines. BROKPAS are oblivion in India, however they are world famous as many international tourist and historians made their frequent visit for different interest, viewed as a missing individuals from a thoroughbred ‘Ace Race’ settled in the Himalayas, Brokpas draw in inquisitive guests, some of who attempt to full fill their dream of having unadulterated Aryan children. This examination is however a little pushes to follow the historical backdrop of the Brokpa people group and to analyse the fever of being asserting themselves as Aryan or the descendants of Alexander, and furthermore of the investigation of the culture and the lifestyle of the Broqpa’s and their push to save the immaculateness of races is likewise the goal of these written work. Ladakh, unadulterated, social norms, religion, custom, tourist, adventure 1889-1892 Issue-3 Volume-2 Gulzar Hussain