<b>Learning of “How to build attractive and unique E commerce websites”</b> Additional features of the website are now a days, e commerce websites like Flip kart, snap deal, Amazon, etc have become a trend but the common thing in them is they show comparisons in products of various different companies. Whereas how it will be if a website similar to the concept of trivago is developed which allows the user to compare same products price between two or more than two as per user choice most trending websites which will provide users with the most user friendly environment and will be time saving. In today s world, mostly, people get confused about which product to buy And they start comparing its reviews, popularity, prize quality by using various different websites in spite of comparing on each and every website how is it if a website like trivago is developed which cannot only sell its own products but also can even provide reviews, prize, and popularity, quality comparison of all other sites on one single website. A proper E commerce website should contain cart, search engine, products menu, efficiently functioning login and registering system, fully functioning payment methods like COD, Paytm, Paypal, Online banking etc. In the field of software engineering E commerce is trending way of commercial sales since the user can avoid long queues, saves queue time, provides refund or exchange options for the user, most important it provides the user friendly environment, huge number of products and filters for getting the best product out of all, etc .E commerce makes life easier by providing user friendly GUI. product, Website, Paypal,Paytm, GUI 1660-1662 Issue-3 Volume-2 Aakash Vidhate | Rupesh Tarlekar | Prof. Sujata Gawade