<b>A Study of Emotional maturity among Urban and Rural College Going Students</b> Emotional Maturity is a natural and inevitable essential outcome of student growth and development. The Emotional maturity becomes important in the behavior of individuals. As the students are the pillars of the future generations, their value pattern of Emotional Maturity are vital. The purpose research attempted to study the Gender Difference on Emotional maturity. To study by research seared variables in Gender and Emotional maturity sub factor. The sample has 80 college students in 40 were Urban 20 Male and 20 Female College Students and 40 Rural 20 Male and 20 Female College Students. The scale was used for data collection Emotional Maturity Scale by Singh and Bhargava 1990 . Factorial design was used and data were analysis by Mean, SD and ‘F’ values. Results show that Urban Students high Emotional Unstability, high Emotional regression, high Social maladjustment, high Personality disintegration, high Lack of independence and high Emotional maturity than Rural Students. Faculty, Emotional Unstability , Emotional Regression, Social Maladjustment, Personality Disintegration, Lack of Independence, Emotional maturity 2045-2052 Issue-3 Volume-2 Dr. Ramesh D. Waghmare