<b>Implementation of WaSH Location Finder</b> Public sanitation, as a health menace, is one of the most critical inconsistencies faced by the nation in today’s time finding these fundamentals in a local area can be quite difficult as majority of people are unaware of their location and also they are not made available on any navigation application and or tool. According to a UN study on how to improve sanitation worldwide, more people have access to mobile phone than to a toilet.In this paper, an attempt is been made to provide a tool WaSH services that will assistance in finding the basic sanitation services according to closeness of our location for effective and timely assistance. WaSH services encompassed of three provinces Drinking Water Index DWI , Public Washroom Index PWI and Garbage disposal Index GDI . Every index containing the information of the WaSH service, their location and route from your current location. GDI, WaSH Services, DWI 1356-1359 Issue-3 Volume-2 Alisha Narnavere | Anoushka Patil | Ayushi Gaikwad | Prajakta Wasnik