<b>Biosynthesis of Eco Friendly Silver Nano Particles The Efficiency of Fresh Leaves and Dried Leaves in the Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles</b> Biosynthesis of Eco friendly Silver Nano Particles The Efficiency of Fresh Leaves and Dried Leaves in the Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles was studied. The work started with the sourcing and preparation of the dried and fresh leave extracts, which was followed by the preparation of 0.01M AgNO3 solution. The biosynthesis process was carried out for 1 hr. however, for the production of the AgNPs for analysis and characterization the biosynthesis process was allowed to continue for 24 hours, after which it was filtered and the residue on the filter paper was dried in the oven at 110oC to remove water from the particles. The chemical composition of the AgNPs was analysed using ED XRF. The result showed 71.8 Ag2O the oxygen must have been surface attached and not chemically attached in the structure of the particles. Qualitative analysis using laser light pointer, observation of precipitates formation and colour change were used to establish NPs formation. During the biosynthesis process both the measured pH and electronic conductivity of the solutions changed indicating that reduction process was going on. The work clearly and concisely showed that the four dried leaves extracts azadirachtaindica,telfairiaoccidentalis, vernoniaamydalina, and camellia sinensis used produced better NPs in terms of quantity and quality than their fresh leaves extract counterparts. A. indica fresh leave extract was however, better than the other two fresh leaves of telfairiaoccidentalis and vernoniaamydalina. The heavy and thick chlorophyll may have interfered in the effectiveness of the fresh leaves. This is because the dried leaves extract had less chlorophyll and were very effective in reducing silver ions to Ag0 nanoparticles in AgNO3 solution. Biosynthesis, AgNPs, Efficiency, Fresh Leaves, Dried Leaves, Reduction, Eco friendly 1019-1031 Issue-3 Volume-2 Ihom P. Aondona | Godwin EdemEssien | Otobong Simeon Thompson