<b>General Awareness, Perceptions and Preferences of Household Elderly Members about Diseases and Seeking Treatment in Urban Punjab</b> In the medical theory, the general awareness and perception of symptoms or diseases are the important factors to determine the utilization of health services, if any of the family members suffers from these symptoms and diseases. This research paper highlighted that regular health check ups and tests can help to detect health problems before these problems become serious in nature. These check ups and tests also can help to find illness early when one’s chances for getting treatment and cure are better. As expected, a very tiny proportion of sampled households’ elderly members went for voluntary health check up. Physical activity exercise can help older people to maintain independence, recovery from illness and reduce their risk of disease. For elderly people, walking, swimming, cycling and yoga are all good forms of exercise. The data concluded that more than one fourth of elderly members did a physical activity. Awareness, perceptions, elderly members, diseases and seeking treatment 1443-1453 Issue-3 Volume-2 Ms. Jagpreet Kaur | Dr. Sukhwinder Singh