<b>Impact of Abusive Supervision on Employee Turnover Intention The Moderating Effect of Emotional Exhaustion</b> The research was aimed to find out the impact of abusive supervision on turnover intention and to see how the moderating role effect by the abusive supervision and leads toward turnover intention i.e. emotional exhaustion. A total of 60 responses were gathered for the analysis of the study. The analysis has to be done through filling up questionnaires from the respondents. Statistical package of social sciences SPSS was implemented to get the result. The result finds that emotion exhaustion moderates the relationship between the dependent and independent variable. The nexus between abusive supervision and turnover intention turn out to be positively significant. An optimistic relation was found between the abusive supervision and the moderating variable. Abusive supervision emotional exhaustion turnover intention 927-935 Issue-3 Volume-2 Mr. Sher Alam Khetran | Mr. Sikandar Wali | Dr. Muhammad Yar Khan | Ms. Jawaria Mushtaq