<b>Factors Shaping Entrepreneurial Ecosystem A Study of Gujarat State</b> Entrepreneurial objective is a primary step to create new venture in the entrepreneurial process. Environmental conditions are one of the main factors that are strengthening or weakening intention of prospective entrepreneur. Therefore, it is important to develop conducive environment for entrepreneurship to promote entrepreneurial intention. Moreover, the promoted entrepreneurial intention will raise the rate of new venture creation. In light of the above stated facts, an attempt has been made to study factors effecting entrepreneurial environment in state of Gujarat. In this paper, we tested the effects of five conducive entrepreneurial environments government policies and procedures, socioeconomic conditions, entrepreneurial and business skills, financial assistance, and non financial assistance on the entrepreneurial intention and the comparative importance of these environmental factors. Entrepreneurial Ecosystem, Gujarat 1163-1170 Issue-3 Volume-2 Dr. Yashasvi Rajpara | Dr. Komal Mistry