<b>Novel Drug Carriers to Target Lymphatic System A Review</b> In the body, there is a system which is responsible for the specific resistance and in some aspects non specific resistance is the lymphatic system which maintains homeostatic balance. This system closely allied with all the systems. Lymphatic system consist fluid called, lymph. It assists in circulating body fluids and helps in defend the body against disease causing agents. B cells, T cells and antibodies protect all body systems from attack by harmful foreign invaders pathogens , foreign cells, and cancer cells. Major functions of lymphatic system are draining excess interstitial fluid, transport dietary lipids and carring out immune responses. Now a days there is a high risk to immune system because of the diseases or due to disorders. In recent innovations, nano technology plays a major role and there are the different drug carriers are used to avoid the major damage to immune system. This review explains about the drug carriers to target lymphatic system to release the drug at a specific part in the lymphatic organs, tissue or lymph in different disease conditions. lymphatic system, Nanotechnology, drug carriers, drug targeting, drug release mechanism 1402-1412 Issue-3 Volume-2 Kousar Begum | Dr. B. Chandra Sekhara Rao | Nukala Umasri