<b>Study of Contractual Labour in India</b> Today India is among the fastest developing economy in the world. Pace of Industrialization, and foreign direct investment has increased phenomenally. This has given birth to the many new small, medium and large scale industries units, service sectors etc., Customer base is increasing and so as the demand. Hence to cope up with this growing demand and cater the customer needs entrepreneurs in these industries require 24x7 production. For this purpose apart from machine, money a pivotal resource of manpower plays vital role. Manpower is categorized into three forms one is Staff, secondly the on roll team players workers and the third one is contractual labour. Many manufacturing industries are highly depending upon the contractual labour, due to reason of reducing manpower cost overheads and the trend of employing contractual Labour is growing every year. The Paper is based on secondary data and has attempted to highlight the current conditions of contractual manpower in India and present provisions laid for them by the Government under Contract Labour Acts. Contract Labour Act, Contractual Labour, Current Scenario of Contract Labour in India, Temporary labour 911-915 Issue-3 Volume-2 Prof. M. A. Maroof