<b>Role of Artificial Intelligence in Transforming Human Resource Management</b> Dr. Amol Murgai like Isaac Asimov have for long imagined a future where machines that can govern themselves to help mankind. It was perhaps this imagination by the artists that led science on the path of inventing artificial intelligence in the first place. However, as things have advanced, science and AI have proven themselves to be much more than merely helpful for mankind so far. Machines have a long way to go before they reach the point envisioned by Asimov as they are still dependent on people to make moral judgment. Among the latest patrons of AI are the HR departments that have realized the wisdom and impact of assisted decision making about the most valuable resource of an organization the people. The present paper stresses upon the impact of Artificial Intelligence on Human resource management. The paper goes on discussing the areas of Human Resource wherein Artifi Human Resource, Talent Management, Computers 877-881 Issue-3 Volume-2 Dr. Amol Murgai