<b>Pedagogical Suicide, Philosophy of Nihilism, Absurdity and Existentialism in Albert Camus’ The Myth of Sisyphus and Its Impact on Post Independence Odia Literature</b> The paper tries to unveil the eternal messages of the text ‘The Myth of Sisyphus’ which is very useful for each and every nation today and of course for all time to come. How Camus has his deals with the philosophy of absurd and the concept of suicide are well analysed in order to find a better alternative to live the life. Suicide has been a major problem of the entire world starting from teen agers to the elderly group. For the scribblers like Camus and Kafka ‘Suicide’ is a major issue for the human existence. But stress has been given here on the optimistic attitude of Camus over the failure and frequent attempts of Sisyphus, the tragic hero of his creation. All of his four parts have been well analysed here in this discussion with brief and significant points. However, eventually we unveil here the art and the science of overcoming from absurdity, the sole and central cause of suicide. On the other hand, how human existence is significant and how he can realize this in every odd, the formulae have been decoded right here in the paper. On the basis and reference to the above doctrines and ideas the impact of these things on Odia literature has been focused. Suicide, Pedagogical Suicide, Existentialism, Absurdity 812-829 Issue-3 Volume-2 Santosh Kumar Nayak