<b>ENHANCEMENT OF CLOUD RESOURCES SECURITY USING VERIFICATION CODE</b> The advancement in robotics has led to Cloud computing security or simply cloud security refers to a broad set of policies, technologies and controls deployed to protect data application and the associated infrastructure of cloud computing. The aim of this work was to address and minimize the problem of unauthorized access to information and applications on the cloud with the use of verification code, this project is targeted towards protecting user’s privacy and also preserving the integrity of their information and also the integrity of the Cloud Environment. The work was accomplished with the creation of user registration phase, user login and authentication phase and password change and verification code change phase, this was accomplished with the use of certain tools such as PHP, JQuery, MySQL Database, Ajax, HTML5 and CSS. A system using an integrated development environment was developed and security was installed in the system using htdocs and htaccess which helps to prevent against IP address filtering, URL address switching and removes the channel of SQL injection. Cloud Computing, Security, Verification Code, Cloud Resources, Integrity Issue-4 Volume-1 Madamidola Olugbenga | Abimbola Tolulope | Afolabi Gboyega