<b>Hydro Pneumatic Suspension with Intelligent Active Suspensioning System</b> A shock absorber is a mechanical device designed to smooth out or damp a sudden shock impulse and dissipate kinetic energy. Without shock absorbers, the vehicle would have a bouncing ride, as energy is stored in the spring and then released to the vehicle, possibly exceeding the allowed range of suspension movement, Control of excessive suspension movement without shock absorption requires stiffer springs, which would in turn give a harsh ride. Shock absorbers allow the use of soft springs while controlling the rate of suspension movement in response to bumps. Now the project has mainly concentrated in designing a suitable suspension unit. The limit sensor is fixed to the front wheel. When the front wheel is in bounce, the limit sensor activates the pneumatic compressor automatically with the help of electronic control unit. Now the compressor starts running, activating the hydro pneumatic suspensor which is fitted in the back wheel. In a vehicle it reduces the effect of suspension travel on uneven terrains. Hydraulic system undergo torque multiplication in an easy way, independent of distance between input and output. Pneumatic system is based on the fact that gas is compressible so equipment is less subjected to shock loads. Component, designing, working 436-440 Issue-3 Volume-2 M. Boopathi | S. R. Gauthamnithin | S. Harikrishnan | Prof. Dr. G. Kumaresan