<b>The Impact of Employee Engagement on Employee Loyalty</b> The hospitality industry in recent times have shown an increase in the level of attrition across all the companies, especially in the hotels. To tackle this issue of loyalty among the employees the impact that engagement of employees which is a closely related concept with loyalty is studied in a unit of a prominent south Indian hotel group. First, the various approaches to both employee engagement and employee loyalty are studied through literature review and the instruments for measuring them both are created by adopting it from other studies. Correlation, regression and ANOVA were conducted. The analysis of the information collected revealed that there is a strong positive correlation between the variables and employee engagement is also seen to have a major impact in predicting the level of employee loyalty. It was also found that the level of engagement differed based on department and job level and the level of loyalty differed based on department, level of service and age of participants. The results of the study are also seen to be consistent with other studies analyzing the same. In the end a model is suggested to be used for further research. employee engagement, employee loyalty, employee commitment 324-331 Issue-3 Volume-2 Niranjan S | Prof. Mary Thomas