<b>Impact of Integrated Handloom Cluster Development Scheme IHCDS on Social Conditions of Weavers The Opinion of Member Weavers in Andhra Pradesh, India</b> Handlooms form the maximum employment generating, labour intensive and export oriented industry especially in rural and semi urban areas of India. The handloom sector carries a very rich heritage coming down over the centuries of vibrant culture that of Indus valley civilization. Handloom sector is a prime and emergent economic necessity since it sustains the economy of predominantly reveal based nation. It provides direct and indirect employment to millions of artisans spread all over the nation. Indian Handloom sector is an age old and major sector of cottage industries. This traditional rural and largest semi urban sector has widely spread all over the country. Today, the handloom sector in India presents multifaceted problems which are more complicated in view of its social importance. Handloom weaving gave to power weaving as surviving only in a few countries, of which India is the most imperative and predominant one. The main reason for the existing of handloom in India is the social conditions of our country and the industry’s high employment potential. This paper aims to study the impact of various social conditions of the weavers working in the handloom sector. Cluster, Development, Handlooms, Social conditions, Weavers 355-363 Issue-3 Volume-2 Prof. K. Rama Mohana Rao | Kakumanu Kiran Kumar