<b>Assessment of Water Quality Status of Godavari river around process industries at Manuguru, Telangana State</b> The water quality was assessed by monitoring various physico chemical parameters like temperature, pH, hydrogen sulphide, total dissolved solids TDS , biological oxygen demand BOD , chemical oxygen demand COD , sulphate, oil and grease and chloride Cl . The assessed quality of intake water and effluent water after treatment was studied. The treated waste water quality was compared with the permissible standards prescribed by Telangana State Pollution Control Board TSPCB and found well within the limits. This water could be successfully utilized for irrigation and horticulture purposes. Industrial effluents, Water characteristics, Irrigation water, Heavy water plant HWP 159-165 Issue-3 Volume-2 Dr. Suresh Shukla | Prof. Dr. M. A. Singaracharya