<b>Web based application for farmers using new trends in web technology</b> Agriculture plays a vital role in Indian economy. Agriculture is an important domain of the Indian economy in several aspects of employment. As the population rises there is a need to increase the agricultural production. Therefore agricultural modernization is an important aspect. Over past few decades Farmers started using computers and software for organizing their economic data and also monitor their crops effectively. This system is mainly based on the aspect of agricultural modernization in terms of soil management, weather prediction, and expert’s advice on using suitable pesticides, best use of available loans in terms of a dynamic website. The main scope of this project is to help and provide the information in terms of all agricultural related areas to the farmers it includes irrigation techniques, best fertilizer utility, determining the soil suitability for the suitable crops, instructing the farmers to cultivate crops based on seasonal and climatic aspects, information about bank loan, demand for crops in the market, soil management, advisory system and a reminder system. Web technology, farming, Google api, SMS gateway 85-87 Issue-3 Volume-2 Sathya Bama S | Dr. J. Preethi