<b>Design and Fabrication of Bottom Fixture in Robot Soldering Machine</b> The main purpose of this project is to design and manufacture of bottom fixture in Robo Soldering machine and inspect it with the image of the PCB captured through Vision Based system. Power supply has to be turned on to peripheral devices of the machine before turning on main supply. Status of DIO Direct Input Output power supply and field bus connection is diagnosed at the initialization process. When the product is kept on the table and if there is no power supply detected then there will be a alarm. The process mainly takes place with the help of PLC and Lab VIEW interfacing. VCC Verify C Compiler program software is used .lab VIEW programming for automation purpose and process repetition and this acts as master and PLC as slave. The communication cable that is used is RS232. When the component is first placed on the fixture table, a sensor gives the feedback to the controller. The 4 digit, 7 segment LED display shows the controller status. An image of the board before soldering is captured. Create a position table and a program using the SEL Services for Export and Language programming language. Now according to the programming fed, the Robot takes the solder material and feed it on the points where the soldering has to be done on the PCB board based on X Y Z coordinate axes. After the soldering is done, an image is captured. If the soldering is done well with the appropriate feed on all pins then we get the inspection result as Good else the result will be No Good . If the result is Good” then it can be taken to the next level else the same procedure has to be repeated. The main advantage of this vision based inspection is that it gives the details of even the person who did the process, in case if there is any issue regarding that product. This can be designed in such a way to be used for other applications also. 61-64 Issue-3 Volume-2 Prof. M. Nandhagopal | Prof. M. Suresh Kumar | J. Arulmurugan | M. Aravind