<b>Dyeing of Cotton with Natural Dye Obtained from Barks of Bombax Ceiba Linn locally known as Semal</b> The present study was carried out to revive the old art of dyeing with natural dye obtained from barks of Bombax ceiba Linn. locally known as semal tree. The commercialization of the present process will be helpful for their viable application in handloom and textile industries. Further, this will also have great impact especially for the economic growth of the rural dyer communities. In the present study, Cotton fabric was pre treated with eco friendly and non eco friendly mordants. The various shades were obtained. The name of the shade and shade code was obtained by matching the shade card presented by Asian paint India. Colour strength of dyed cotton fabric was measured in terms of L, a, b colour scale by using hunter lab instrument Hunterlab EasyMatchQC Colour flex EZ 45 0, Reflectance . mode. The dyed samples have shown good to excellent and poor to good fastness properties Mordant, Ecofriendly, Bombax ceiba Linn, Cotton, Dyeing Issue-4 Volume-1 Dr. Yogesh Vadwala | Dr. Namrita Kola