<b>Consciousness Role of Socio Religious Reformative Movements in Kashmir 1846 1952 </b> Freedom is one of the basic need without which a living organism cannot develop properly. Human beings, plants and animals all struggle for freedom if kept under restrictions in any way, because it is in their nature to remain free. From the very beginning when man was born, he started his struggle for freedom because he found that he could not do whatever he wished. The forces of nature thwarted him, therefore he fought against them with the basic idea of change and development. In comparison to animals man is bestowed with reason, logic, objectivity and he could retain events in memory and draw inferences from them for his own guidance. As a result of long experiences and constant struggle he was successful to a great extent in facing the mysteries of the nature and defending himself against her vagaries. It was this long drawn struggle that ultimately resulted in the birth of reformative movements with an objective to free themselves Kashmiris from the oppression of Dogras. They succeeded in their mission only when they got united under the broader banner of National Conference. As the name suggests it looks like political organisation but in real the voice of people got proper direction and shape. Religion, Peace, Behaviour, Ruling Section, Freedom, Commoners 1587-1590 Issue-2 Volume-2 Dr Syed Damsaz Ali Andrabi