<b>Alert System for Unmanned Railway Crossing using GPS A Survey</b> The main aim of this project is to provide a solution to unmanned railway crossing using a Smartphone based warning system. Protection of common people is indeed a challenge in today’s world with the enormous growth in the transportation field over the past 5 years, around 613 have become victims to unmanned railways crossings and the count is increasing at an alarming rate. Statistics states that there are a total of 9340 unmanned level crossings in India which is prone to accidents. This system is mainly used to prevent these accidents through alarms by the use of GPS technologies. GPS communication plays an important role in the implementation of this system. The GPS can calculate the co ordinate positions with the centre of the Earth as the origin by receiving signals from the satellite. The signals thus received help us to perceive the location of the user and the train. Thus, this system aims to detect dangerous situations and to avoid untimely and false alarms. GPS technologies, alarms, smartphones. 49-52 Issue-3 Volume-2 Noorul Shajitha Banu H | Sangeeth T | Saravana Pandi M | Swathi M | Vishnu R