<b>Role of Demographics on Job Satisfaction of University Teachers in Pakistan</b> The success of any educational sector is based on satisfied and happy teachers. In the today’s world, higher education like universities is facing number of challenges while retaining their teachers. University teachers are switching their job very often. The main reason is job dissatisfaction level. As, job satisfaction is a positive feeling of individuals towards their job which make them happy. This study describes the role of demographics such as gender, age, job rank, salary and job status on job satisfaction of private university teachers from Punjab, Pakistan with 273 respondents. The teachers were generally satisfaction with their jobs. Gender and job status showed a positive relationship with job satisfaction. However, age, salary and job rank had negative relationship with job satisfaction of teachers. A significant difference in job satisfaction was found with respect to gender, age, job rank and salary. Job Satisfaction, Demographics, university teachers, Private Universities in Punjab 1550-1555 Issue-2 Volume-2 Zermina Tasleem | Sohail Ayaz Muhammad