<b>Production of Milk and Market Patricipation by Dairy Co Operative Member and Non Member Household in East Sikkim</b> The study was conducted on the dairy co operative member and non member household in East District of Sikkim during the year 2013 14. The study covered 100 dairy farmers from 5 selected villages Gram Panchayat Units . Dairy farmers were categories in two groups co operative member and co operative non member. Co operative societies are formed under the umbrella of Sikkim Milk Union which collect and process raw milk. The processed milk and milk products are marketed through its agents. The non member producing surplus milk is subjected to sale in the local market and nearby household. The results of the study indicated that the member households holding of both cross and local breed was higher as compared with non member household. The average milk production in litres per day was higher for co operative member household which was 7.1 litres as compared with non member which was only 5.1 litres. With regard to market participation, mean milk sold by member household in the study area was 5.5 litres milk a day while non member household sold only 2.6 litres of milk a day. The result also showed that the per cent share of milk marketed by member household were found to be 77.5 per cent and 51 per cent by non member household. For the analysis, the study has used descriptive statistics like mean, percentages, t tests etc. Dairy, Co operative member, Non member, Sikkim Milk Union, Average milk production, Market 1521-1528 Issue-2 Volume-2 Pranesh Pandey