<b>Assessment of Water Pollution of Water Bodies using GIS A Review</b> Quality and quantity of water bodies is considered main pillar for sustainable development. Assessment of surface water bodies is required for growing urban cities like Surat. Due to impact of urbanization, the surface water bodies of Surat City have been adversely affected. The main Scope of study is the qualitative classification of the Creek and Tapi River of Surat City based on the effective qualitative parameters in the Indian water standards for drinking purpose. The study focuses on spatial changes in surface water quality based on a combined examination of physical and chemical parameters.GIS is proper solution for analysing the useful information obtain from spatial and temporal data because this analysis extract information from the available spatial data which can be very helpful in the future decision making. To obtain spatial dissemination of surface water quality parameters as COD, BOD, pH, DO, Turbidity, EC, TDS, TSS and Chloride , interpolating technique is used. Water pollution GIS physicochemical parameters BOD Surface water 1437-1441 Issue-2 Volume-2 Divya A. Lad | Dr. Mehali J. Mehta | Prof. Manisha P. Vashi