<b>The Study of Culinary Tourism Management A Tool for Revenue Generation and its Importance for Pune’s Economic Status</b> The concept of culinary tourism is taking shape and making its mark in the tourism Industry of Pune city. The venture is a part of experience industry where the memorable experiences are counted as a worth of the industry preservance. Food is an integral part of human’s life and hence as long as life sustains the industry will always grow. Culinary tourism is considered as food experiences taken outside as well as inside the tourism boundaries. The city of Pune is growing in all aspects and hence the tourism is also growing which will create new opportunities for the locals to improve on their food experience and share those with others. This whole process will indeed create many avenues of creating revenue resources for the residents. This paper focuses upon the fact that culinary tourism is a very sustainable way of establishing new career opportunities in any region, which also give recognition to the traditional local cuisine. As observed in the paper Maharashtrian cuisine gets its popularity due to growth in culinary tourism of Pune region. Culinary tourism, Revenue generation, Food associated business 1371-1385 Issue-2 Volume-2 Dr. Vijay Kulkarni | Ms. Gauri Shah