<b>WEB BASED INTELLIGENT INVENTORY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM</b> All around the world, inventory managers are faced with the complexities of simultaneously striving to retain constant manufacturing operation, render quality and adequate services to customer and keep goods at optimum level as well as having proper inventory management policy in place. As company grows a number of problem also arises first, a varieties of item are needed to be maintained in the inventory making it difficult to for managers to keep track, therefore a formal record keeping will have to evolve, besides that as quantities in inventory grows more space is required to do business. Due to local and global competition any company that must survive in the competitive world must take an advantage of effective management of its inventory seriously therefore the use of intelligent approach for effective and efficient inventory management system has become indispensable. This work developed an intelligent system implemented in a web based environment to integrate multiple stores also providing an effective coordination of all of the stores, intelligently determining the different reorder points of all the disparate stores in the systems and communicating the information back to the centralized store using Java Remote Method Invocation RMI with a secure socket layer SSL , implemented using My Structured Query Language MySQL , Database Management System, Hypertext Markup Language HTML , JavaScript, Hypertext Preprocessor PHP and Xampp Apache . The work optimized the performance of inventory management integrating multiple systems and providing an efficient coordination and monitoring moving away from single store into distributed system relating real time status of supplies at the different stores. Intelligence, Inventory Management, Fuzzy Logic, Information Extraction, Client Server Issue-4 Volume-1 Madamidola O. A | Daramola O.A | Akintola K .G