<b>Effect of A Standard Anti Tuberculosis Regimen on Hematological Parameters and Serum Protein Level in Male Wistar RATS</b> Despite the Global effort that have been intensified greatly, especially over the past two decades, the incidence of tuberculosis is in increase with about 2 billion infected individuals WHO, 2014 . This work sorts to add to the available knowledge of the effects anti tuberculosis drugs have on various physiological systems with specific interest on the hematological parameters and serum protein level. This study was carried out using 24 male wistar rats weighing within the range of 150 200 g. These animals were randomly separated into four groups of eight rats each. One of these groups is the control group fed with just feed and water and the other two groups labeled group1 and group 2 are the experimental groups receiving an administration of 22.5mg kg and 45mg kg respectively of the FCD anti tb drug solution used for this study. After 21 days of administration of the drug solution at the specified dosage, blood sample was collected and the sample was analyzed to obtain some hematological parameters and the serum protein this includes, total protein and serum albumin , then the serum globulin was calculated. The hematological parameters that were obtained include RBC count, TWBC count, Hb estimation, PCV and then the hematological indices were calculated using formula given by Ochei and Kolhatkar, 2000. The result obtained from sample analysis was statistically analyzed by one way ANOVA using SPSS v.20.0. The statistical result was insignificant p 0.05 in most of the variables investigated except for the following that were significant p 0.05 RBC count for groups 1 and 2 p value = 0.000 and 0.008 respectively , MHC of group 2 p values= 0.005 , MCV of groups 1 and 2 p values= 0.001 and 0.008 respectively and serum protein level of group 2 p value= 0.030 . 1689-1712 Issue-2 Volume-2 Okonkwo, C. O. J | Maduka, S. O | Orji, E. I