<b>A Combinational Buffer Management Scheme in Mobile Opportunistic Network</b> Nodes in Mobile Opportunistic Network MON have to cache packets to deal with the intermittent connection. The buffer management strategy obviously impacts the performance of MON, and it attracts more attention recently. Due to the limited storage capacity of nodes, traditional buffer management strategies just drop messages based on the property of message, and they neglect the collaboration between neighbors, resulting in an ineffective performance improvement. Therefore, effective buffer management strategies are necessary to ensure that each node has enough buffer space to store the message when the node buffer is close to congestion. In this paper, we propose a buffer management strategy by integrating the characteristics of messages and nodes, and migrate the redundant messages to the neighbor to optimize the total utility, instead of deleting them. The simulation experiment results show that it can obviously improve the delivery ratio, the overhead ratio and the average delays, and reduce the amount of hops compared with the traditional ones. mobile opportunistic network buffer management node utility message migration 44-47 Issue-3 Volume-1 Soujanya Ambala | Dr. Srinivas Ambala | Sreedhar Ambala